March 4, 2012

I like Hugs...I like Kisses...but what I love is help with the dishes

I have been really blessed in my life. One of my most treasured blessings is my sister-in-law. She has come and helped my family when I've been on bedrest twice for more than a month each time. My words can't do justice to how grateful I am for her. She just had a baby of her own and when I had my baby she sent me the world's best long distance baby present ever!

I received a huge box in the mail that had the cute sign above in it and the box was full of paper plates (the good kind!--we are talking about 600) paper bowls, plastic forks, and those segmented plates that the kids love. AWESOME!! Every meal we have I am so grateful for the easy cleanup, definitely the best present a mom with a new baby could ask for!

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