March 31, 2013

Life and Peace will prevail

I took this picture a couple of years ago and have just loved it.  It makes me think of how wonderful things can come from any situation.  I was listening to the Easter music (below) and I heard the narrator say that Easter is the time we celebrate that Life and Peace will Prevail.  I believe that with all my heart! Happy Easter! 

March 30, 2013


I read an article about not having a mask of anonymity on the internet.  I have tried to have a blog without showing who I was because in some way it made it easier to feel like I didn't have to worry if people thought my blog was dumb, they wouldn't know it was me.  As I type this it sounds really silly! 

I have so many hopes and dreams that sometimes I feel I don't have enough time, energy or life to put into them.  Some of these dreams are being a better disciple, wife, sister, daughter, mother, housecleaner, organizer, putting my preschool curriculum online, running a successful spice company, blogging more than once a year (hah!), saving for kid's college & retirement, seeing my extended family, church history sites, and gardening.  And yet I feel like I've accomplished something if I can just get the dishes done in a day.
Right now I am sick, yesterday I couldn't even sit up, (images of coming home from the dr. and laying on the garage floor because I couldn't make it into the house come to mind) today I get winded if I try to clean so I thought what a perfect opportunity to blog.  This running faster than you are able thing really has me stumped.  I feel I will always be behind if I don't run.  Then I am reminded that to everything there is a season, my season is diapers (that season has lasted 13 years...) and trying to find sanity in the "ground hogs day" feel to my life. 

Though I never thought having 5 kids could be this hard, I also never knew 5 kids could be this wonderful.  I've never felt so incapable until this 5th one came along.  I have to say no a lot more now to things that take my precious time, but I find myself not allowing myself time to exercise, relax, read or  reflect on my relationship with my Savior.

As we prepare for Easter Sunday tomorrow I wanted to share a video of the Living Christ.  I am grateful for the Savior, I am grateful for his Love and his perfect example.  He makes this life worth living. He is my friend, he lives to help me, guide me, comfort me, counsel me, bless me. I know that my Redeemer Lives.  

Enjoy the Easter Holiday as you celebrate the Reserrection and the Life.  Our Lord Jesus.